27/02/2020 13:05 GMT

Taylor Swift Shades Scooter Braun In The Man Music Video

The two have been embroiled in a high-profile feud since it was revealed he had bought the masters to Taylor's first six albums.

If you thought Taylor Swift’s ongoing feud with music manager Scooter Braun was over, then you might want to watch the new music video for her song The Man.

The public beef between the pair is a very complicated one, but the shortened version of it is that the singer was seriously unhappy last summer when she discovered that Scooter had bought her old record label, and therefore owned the masters to her first six studio albums.

At the time, Taylor claimed that Scooter (and acts he managed) had “bullied” her for years, including at a time she said was her “lowest point”.

And while things between the two seems to have died down in recent months, Taylor’s new music video suggests otherwise.

In the clip – which Taylor directed herself – she undergoes an unbelievable transformation and becomes her male alter-ego, Tyler Swift.

Taylor Swift as Tyler Swift in her new music video

One scene in particular has caught fans’ attention, in which the character is seen urinating in a subway station, with her first six album names scrawled on the wall in graffiti.

Written next to the album titles is a sign saying “If Found Returned To Taylor Swift”, which many have interpreted as a dig at Scooter owning her old material. 

This scene has sparked a lot of conversation among Taylor's fans

As if that wasn’t clear enough, there’s also a “no scooters” sign in the same shot, which has certainly not gone unnoticed on Twitter…

What’s interesting is that nestled among the album titles is the word “Karma”, which fans also have some theories about…

HuffPost UK has contacted Taylor’s representatives for comment.

Taylor previously revealed that she was planning to re-record her first six albums, so she would own the masters to the new versions.

Back in November, Scooter called for an end to the feud, claiming he’d received threats against his wife and children.

In the past, the singer has been known for littering her music videos with easter eggs and hidden messages for fans to decipher, including when she released ME! last year, which was full of clues about her then-forthcoming album Lover.

Watch The Man music video in full below:

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