Joe Alwyn, Matty Healy And... Kim Kardashian?! 10 Biggest Talking Points From Taylor Swift's New Album

The Tortured Poets Department also contains lyrical nods to Travis Kelce, overzealous Swifties and, for some reason, Charlie Puth.
Taylor pictured during her 2021 Grammys performance
Taylor pictured during her 2021 Grammys performance
TAS Rights Management 2021 via Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department has already thrown out a few surprises. And no, we don’t just mean the fact it’s twice as long as any of us could have realised.

On Friday morning, the Grammy-winning musician unveiled her 11th studio album, with fans already poring over her lyrics with a fine-tooth comb for clues about who has really inspired her new material.

And let’s just say… some people come off better than others.

Here are 10 of the biggest early talking points (so far!) from The Tortured Poets Department...

While plenty of us had assumed the new album would centre around Joe Alwyn, the big surprise was how many of the lyrics seem to relate to Matty Healy, who Taylor was briefly linked to last year

Still, at least one of the songs (So Long, London) seems to be about Joe – and it’s sparked an emotional reaction

Swifties probably weren’t expecting that But Daddy I Love Him would resonate in quite they way it did, either…

…or that surprise Charlie Puth name-drop on the title track

The revelation about what LOML actually stands for wasn’t an easy pill to swallow

And the contrast between the sound of I Can Do It With A Broken Heart and its lyrics was stark, to say the least

‘You didn’t measure up. In any measurе of a man’

Oh – and who could have predicted a Kim Kardashian diss track on the double album version of The Tortured Poets Department?

And while the album is overall a pretty melancholy one, at least there was one glimmer of hope on The Alchemy

The standard edition of the album ended with Taylor name-checking herself – and fans absolutely loved it


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