18/07/2017 12:16 BST | Updated 18/07/2017 16:48 BST

Tea House Theatre Sparks Outrage With Millennial-Bashing Job Advert

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A London theatre has sparked rage after posting a toe-curling job advert bashing millennials

The Tea House Theatre was branded “obnoxious” and “out-of-touch” after advertising a position as a full-time office administrator - which pays between £15,000 and £20,000 - in a very abrupt way. 

Starting the ad with “Dear Millennials”, the employers appeared to slam young people as unskilled and unmotivated, saying it was the third time in as many months they had had to fill the role. 

Describing the theatre’s success despite numerous hardships, the posting reads: “Are you just not taught anything about existing in the real world, where every penny counts?

“Did no one teach you that the end of your studies is the beginning of your education?” 

Arts Council
The Tea House Theatre has sparked outrage with its millennial-bashing job ad 

After once more lauding the hard work it takes to run a successful theatre, the ad continues: 

“One old lady used to run the whole of Mountview Academy with an IBM computer, it shouldn’t be this hard. 

“We need a grafter, who can commit. The absolute dogs in office skills, the ability to run a paper filing system as well as a computerised one, the ability to complete and keep track of a huge to-do list, to make our office work, create and develop business management systems that help the business to grow, giving space for more creative work to go ahead.

“To see where we are headed and realise that it is in your own hands how far you are able to go with us as we grow.

“We have not been impressed so far,” the advert ends. 

Unsurprisingly, the ad angered millennials, many of whom took to Twitter to share their rage:  

The advert has since been removed from the Arts Council website. The Tea House Theatre has yet to respond to HuffPost UK’s requests for comment.