One in four of us aren't telling the truth about our personal finances.
We just want to have (organised) fun.
"Friendships are built on much deeper things than a Jägerbomb."
'Leaders will need to effectively spearhead change-management strategies to adjust the workplace.'
'The Cuban Revolution was either a beacon of hope or threat to stability.'
Millennials have extremely high expectations of their role and the company they join.
'Many young people are opting to live in the moment.'
A huge survey of people in their 20s and 30s in the U.S., India and Russia finds they envision a more fluid world without borders.
In your mid-twenties with no idea what on earth you’re doing in life? You’re not alone.  According to new research, seven
Some pointed out that the only way many can get onto the housing ladder is by getting some help from their parents. Many
The revelation comes from a study by specialist creative agency ZAK, in their research searching for alternative ways to define under 30's other than the usual stereotype favoured by the media of 'millennials.'
Maybe you think millennials are 'snowflakes'? It takes strength to say it's not okay. Their admirable honesty and courageous exploration of mental health and countless interconnecting social issues is a vital antidote to the greed and the brittle facades of the eighties. They place their faith in the power of their voice, not in the size of the padded power-shoulders on their suits.
As young people across the country open those examination results, they'll see a verdict on the work that they've put in over the past two years. In two years more, they will be of voting age, and it won't be long before they get to cast their verdict on British politicians. If the Tories want that to be a good thing for them, they'd better start showing they're taking young people's concerns seriously.
For the youth, 1994 carries the weight of unfulfilled democratic promises.
As a tween, before the term was coined, I looked at 40 year olds and they seemed old. They were proper grown-ups. They celebrated wedding anniversaries in double figures. They complained about mortgage rates, also in double figures.
Whether we like it or not, the knowledge economy is real and millennials need to grasp this sooner rather than later.
It is clear we are on the cusp of a revolution in the way we travel from A to B. Every week heralds a new breakthrough in the development of driverless cars. These and other developments in travel tech will have far-reaching implications for the automotive sector.