Teacher Asks 'Who Am I?' In University Exam Paper To Catch Students Who Didn't Show Up To Class

This is a great way to catch the slackers.

Anyone who’s been to university will know that it’s sometimes a blessing when lecturers don’t take a register in their classes.

It just means you’ve been given the excuse to goof off a little bit.

But one teacher at a US university decided to get his own back at students who were too lazy to show up to his lessons, popping a question into their exam saying: “Which of the following pictures is me?”

That’s a very, very cheeky way to catch out people who’ve been skipping class.

Reddit user dovahkid shared a photo of the exam paper, explaining that they had luckily been to every class.

Other Redditors revealed they had been in similar situations, but weren’t quite so lucky.

Let this be a lesson to all slackers - go to all your classes!

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