This Teacher's Homework Policy Is What We All Wished For At School

More time to play and sleep.

A teacher has come up with a new homework policy that adults wish they had during their time at school.

A Reddit user, monetclaude, shared a photograph of the anonymous letter that was handed out in the first week of term.

The teacher sent the information to the parents of her new pupils explaining that she is implementing a new approach to out of hours learning.

Instead of setting additional formal homework assignments to complete, homework will just be anything that is not finished during school hours.

Meaning that those who are falling behind get to spend more time on those lessons, and others aren’t penalised.

But she emphasis that the lack of homework doesn’t mean parents don’t have a responsibility to their children in the evenings.

Instead, she encourages parents to spend time eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside and sending their child to bed on time.

Commenters have been praising the teacher for the bold move, Kingca said: “This seems like a much better idea. Let the smart kids leave, and give the dumb ones 1 on 1 time.”

Bldb said: “The teacher actually got it right.”