This Teen's Response To Fat-Shaming Bullies Is Just Perfect

Take that, haters.

A woman has won the internet with her hilarious response to body shamers.

Hannah Battiste, 18, posted a photo of herself with the words 'fuck you' written underneath her chin, in a message to those who comment on her weight.

Her post has been shared more than one thousand times and she's fast becoming the world's new body image hero.

She wrote alongside the image: "My reaction when someone judges me.. 'You gained weight'. So what? Being thick is a choice! 'Why do you wear dresses?' Why tf not? If I wanna wear a dress through all the seasons, then I'm going to!"

Although her post is undeniably hilarious, it has a powerful message at its core: "No matter what you do, whether it's right or wrong, people are going to judge you.. Go ahead and judge me, I know who I am, and I know my purpose in life."

She told BuzzFeed News: “One day, I looked at myself and felt pretty — it’s like I was looking at myself for the first time... And I made humour out of it because I don’t really care what people think about me.”

This self-love and acceptance has helped Battiste through particularly difficult periods in her life.

In her interview with BuzzFeed News, she revealed she is a survivor of sexual assault and has been diagnosed with multiple mental health issues.

"I think no matter what you go through, there is always a sunny day, even when it’s raining," she said.


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