09/03/2017 14:34 GMT | Updated 09/03/2017 17:51 GMT

Teenager Jacob Ohl Calmly Calls Police Moments After Legs Severed By Train

'Um, I just got hit by a train,' he cooly told an emergency dispatcher.

A harrowing 911 call made by a teenager moments after both his legs were severed by a passing train has been released by police. 

According to reports, 17-year-old Jacob Ohl was walking along train tracks in Atlanta, Georgia when the accident occurred. 

Listening to music through headphones as he walked, the school boy was unable to hear the train as it approached behind him. 

“I just got hit by a train,” Ohl can be heard calmly telling the 911 operator. 

“What part of your body was hurt?” she asks. 

“My legs,” the teen responds. “I think it cut them off.” 

James Ohl/ GoFundMe
Teenager Jacob Ohl had both legs severed by an oncoming train 

Police ran along the tracks until they found the injured teen, WSB-TV reported. 

“He appeared OK and then I lifted the jacket and saw that the bottom half of his legs were no longer attached,” investigator Cody Belcher told the channel. 

Tourniquets were applied to the high school student’s legs before he was rushed to hospital. 

According to a crowdfunding page set up for Ohl, surgeons had to amputate both his legs just below the knee. 

However, his family says he is recovering well and has already started physical therapy. 

Writing on the GoFundMe page - which has already raised almost $40,000 - his mother Fern Cook wrote: “He assisted in moving himself from the bed to a recliner yesterday about 2pm and stayed there until almost 5.

“I was as nervous as a cat, trying not to worry about his wound care system and mostly his pain, but Jacob was ready,” Cook continued.

“He began the first steps to his new life like the man that he is; steady, composed and graceful.”