16/02/2017 11:13 GMT

A Tesla Owner Just Saved An Unconscious Driver On The Motorway

What a hero.

Putting yourself in harms way to help out a stranger is a pretty heroic thing to do in any circumstances, but especially while travelling at high speed.

Now Germany’s answer to James Bond has been congratulated for helping to save the life of a fellow driver after he suffered a suspected stroke at the wheel of his car and fell unconscious.

The anonymous driver, who was travelling in a Tesla Model S, saw a Volkswagen Passat erratically swerving on the autobahn near Munich before noticing he wasn’t conscious.

Instead of just standing back and letting a potentially-deadly scene unfold, the 41-year-old used his own car as a way to stop the other vehicle. 

Pulling in front of the Volkswagen, the Tesla driver started slowly braking and letting the car hit his rear bumper, so they would both slow down together.     

Subsequently causing an estimated 10,000 Euros worth of damage to both his and the other car, according to German newspaper Muenchner Merkur. 

Now Tesla founder, Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to personally congratulate the man, and offer for the company to provide all repair costs free of charge.

Afterall one good deed deserves another.