Tesla's Model 3 Dashboard Is A Glimpse Of The Future

We're sold.

Tesla’s Model 3 is now just a few months away from officially launching and already we’re getting a few tantalising glimpses of what owning one will be like.

Leaked photos and video have shown not only what the car looks like on the road, but also what the interior looks like, namely the huge central touchscreen that will completely replace the dashboard.

Originally shown off at the launch it looked as though the Model 3 would not feature a speedometer or indeed any display behind the wheel, instead opting solely for a vast 15-inch touchscreen in the centre console.

Well it looks like that has turned out to be true.


Newly leaked images on Facebook have confirmed that the final customer-ready version of the Model 3 will be controlled entirely from the touchscreen.

While Tesla’s already experimented with replacing almost all the controls with the Model S, the Model 3 takes things a step further.

Reuters Staff / Reuters

The speedometer will be shown on the top left hand corner of the touchscreen. It looks to be a variant on Tesla’s Model S/X software which allows you to split content on the screen into two halves.

On the left there’s clearly a large Google Maps display while on the left you can make out the music player displaying album artwork.


Then on the bottom you’ll find the AC controls and personal seat controls including the hazard lights.

For the usual functionality such as indicators or light controls the Model 3 will have just two stalks either side of the wheel which control dials seemingly giving you access to all the car’s essential functions.

By removing all the controls and centralising them you’re not only spending money, but you’re allowing them


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