The 1 Place You Should NEVER Store Your Birth Control

It could be seriously affecting its effectiveness.
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Sorry to strike The Fear into you this AM, but it turns out that many of us are accidentally affecting the efficiency of our birth control by storing it incorrectly.

And if you’re keeping your pill in your bathroom, we’ve got some pretty grim news for you.

According to the experts at, birth control tablets can be damaged by steam and moisture in the air.

Exposure to humidity can break down components in birth control and make it less effective over time – eep!

The back of medicines usually advise that they are kept in a cool dry place and sometimes even include a recommended temperature.

And it’s not just your pill that steam and humidity from showers can damage – common household items such as razors, make up and jewellery can all be affected by the moisture created by your steamy shower.

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at SteamShowerStore warned us: “People keep a lot of toiletries in their bathroom like perfume, jewellery, make up and medicine but the truth is the steam and humidity from the bathroom could be damaging all of these products.

“Makeup and perfume can change colour and expire quicker when exposed to moisture in the air.”

And just because you’ve shoved your toiletries in your bathroom cupboard doesn’t eliminate the risk, says Ellis.

“Ideally you’ll want to keep them out of the bathroom altogether and store them in a cool and dry place.”

Five items you should never keep in the bathroom


Many people keep their perfume on their bathroom counter but the humidity from showers can damage delicate elements within the perfume like citruses. This can alter your perfume, making it change in colour and scent.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are commonly kept in the bathroom along with other medicines in a medicine cabinet however this is not recommended. The humidity and moisture from the bathroom can change components in your birth control making it less effective.


Those who take off their jewellery in the bathroom before jumping in the shower may want to reconsider. Steam and heat from showers can damage some metals which could lead to discolouration on jewellery.

Make up

Similar to perfume, the components within makeup can break down when exposed to humidity which can make the products expire quicker.


Over time moisture and steam can cause razor blades to rust making them blunt. This puts you more at risk of cuts, razor burns and infections.

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