Birth Control

Let this be a reminder of just how easily women’s reproductive rights can be snatched away, through negligence, indifference or both, Opinion Editor Lucy Pasha-Robinson writes.
Making the right decisions when taking contraception can be tricky and hard. Most methods of contraception will not protect you against catching or passing on a STI however knowing your options will ensure the best decision is made.
Practically overnight, my lubrication levels went from zero to “ripe papaya”
The journey all started in 1916 with Margaret Sanger, a nurse who believed that women should be able to choose when they get pregnant. Watch how it all unfolded.
Read more on The Huffington Post One thing’s for sure, we’ll never take contraception for granted again.    And even men
It's a decision that smashes your heart instantaneously into a million pieces. A decision that changes you forever. A decision that you cannot run from and will carry on your shoulders every second of each day, your first thought in the morning and last thought at night.