The 15 Best Drunk Purchases Ever Made

Internet you win.

Millennials have to deal with many problems that their parents never experienced in their youth.

Not being able to buy a house, peak avocado, Brexit meltdown, and the prolific rise of the Snapchat dick pic.

But undoubtedly the worst thing that millennials come up against is impulsive, unchecked and poverty-inducing - the drunk purchase.

Instead of getting a kebab and a taxi home only to embarrass yourself in front of your housemates like your parents used to; now the drunk "you" has your bank balance and a full shopping cart at their disposal.

So in celebration of the wasted shopaholic in all of us, here are the internet's best drunk purchases:

1. Beyonce Tickets

South African Tammy thought she had made the best drunk purchase of her life after snagging three Beyonce tickets for only £50 a pop. Only to find out (whilst en route to the venue no less) that they were actually for the night before.

Maybe stick to the lemonade next time Tammy?

2. Louis Theroux for PM T-shirt

This is a completely useful and essential item to have in your wardrobe, especially in the post-Brexit fall-out.

3. Handcrafted Pasta

Evelyn we salute you, that is a sensible purchase by drunk or sober standards.

4. Shakespeare Tickets

For the cultured drunk among us.

5. Tic Tac Megapack

The tagline "small but cool" has never seemed less appropriate.

6. Inflatable Boxing Gloves

There is something about inflatable boxing gloves that seems prone to ending in tears.

7. X Files series 1-9

When a drunk purchase enters triple digits you know you've screwed up.

8. Helicopter Ride

When parents just get really fancy.

9. Dog toiletries bag

This is just so ugly.

10. Squirrel On A Horse

How do you even find this on Amazon? No words can describe this exquisite purchase.

11. Bear Paw Mittens

The "these will come in handy" purchase.

12. Lion King Plates

That you cannot eat off.

13. Inflatable Dinosaur

Pointless, but absolutely worth it.

14. Alan Partridge boxset

We are completely on board with this.

15. Water Fountain For Your Dog

We could have told you this was a waste of money before you clicked "Buy.".

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