The 3 Things You Should NEVER Do When You're Off Sick

We're super ill... promise.
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We’ve all done it – the day has started out terribly as you’re full of the cold or feeling sweaty and gross so naturally, you’ve phoned in sick to work. However, as the day goes on, you start feeling... bored.

Maybe I’m well enough to get some bits and pieces done,’ you wonder to yourself.

Well, according to new data from YouGov, there are three absolute no-nos that we can all agree on.

A new survey from global opinion and data company asked the public what they think are acceptable and unacceptable sick day activities.

The most acceptable? Lying in your bed all day (sounds good to us). A whopping 97% of Britons voted this activity – if you can call it that – as a-okay.

Reading, watching TV and browsing the internet also made it on the list of acceptable sick day activities to almost all Britons (93-96%) surveyed.

However, playing video games (78%) and and making posts on social media (66%) received less approval.

The three activities we shouldn’t be getting up to on our sick leave? Going out shopping for non-essential items was deemed completely unacceptable by 45% of Brits (and completely acceptable by just 7%) – so hitting the high street on your sick day is definitely not advised.

Unsurprisingly, doing work for another job (e.g. freelance) is also frowned upon, with a massive 72% of those surveyed labelling it as completely unacceptable.

And going to the pub with friends (I mean, come on now, really?) also got 72% on the completely unacceptable front, with just 3% of Brits voting for it as completely acceptable – chancers.

According to YouGov: “Older Britons are less accepting of just about every activity on the survey – and for those things they do tend to accept, they are more likely to say they are only ‘somewhat acceptable’ than their younger counterparts.”

Excuse us while we completely acceptably roll around our beds on our next sick day.

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