'The Apprentice' 2016: Aleksandra King Reveals Real Reason She Quit The Show

And no, it wasn't because she 'couldn't hack it'.

‘Apprentice’ candidate Aleksandra King has opened up about her decision to quit the show, admitting she didn’t enjoy the “atmosphere” of the show, insisting it wasn’t conducive to good business.

Ahead of Thursday’s (27 October) episode, it was revealed that, in a first for ‘The Apprentice’, one hopeful would walk away from the show before they’d even set the week’s challenge.

Now we know that the candidate to walk was Aleksandra, she’s set the record straight, insisting that the reason she walked was not because she “couldn’t hack the process”.

<strong>Aleksandra King</strong>
Aleksandra King
<strong>Aleksandra in the competition</strong>
Aleksandra in the competition

Aleksandra is now the fourth contestant in UK ‘Apprentice’ history to walk away from the show, with Scott Saunders quitting last year after being torn apart by Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

In past years, Katie Hopkins also famously quit the show during her series (not that she ever goes ON AND ON ABOUT IT, though), while Adele Lock was forced to pull out due to a death in the family, during the very first series of the BBC show.

‘The Apprentice’ continues on Thursday (3 November) at 9pm on BBC One.

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