‘The Apprentice’: Fired Candidate Ross Fretten Claims This Week’s Task Fines Were Unfair

We think they might actually have a point.

This week’s ‘The Apprentice’ boardroom casualty has claimed that one aspect of this week’s task was a little unfair and to be honest, we actually agree with him.

It’s not uncommon for the fired candidates to claim the process was unfair but in Wednesday (1 November) night’s episode, both teams were penalised for failing certain aspects of the treasure hunt-style task.


On the one hand, Ross’s team - what was formerly “the boys” - were missing items, but they did manage to get back to the House Of Lords in time for the 7pm deadline.

Team Graphene, however, managed to pick up all the things on Lord Sugar’s shopping list, but made it to the end point over an hour late.

The failings resulted in fines of £347.53 and £100 respectively, so we weren’t too surprised when Ross told us he thought they were unfair.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, he said: “I think it was a bit of a joke, to be honest. Ultimately you’ve got all of these items that were missing which gets you - I think - £50 plus the value of item as a fine, for each one.

“To miss the deadline by an hour, I’d expect them to get a £400-500 fine, so for them to get £100 was absurd.

“It didn’t make any sense at all and I think it was a massively disrespectful thing to do, to just completely disregard the time that you had to get back for.

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“I think the girls should have lost, based on that. If we’d taken the extra hour, we would have had the computer and the handkerchief embroidered and been a lot better off.”

Ross also admitted that he thought he was going to last a lot longer in the competition, stating: “I was very much set on getting to the final five.

“That would have given me a much bigger platform to talk about my business and get interest in it for potential investment through other means.

“So it is really disappointing for me not to get that far and I still think in terms of general competence and ability, I’m absolutely up there with one of the best, if not the best, candidate.”

‘The Apprentice’ continues next Wednesday at 9pm.

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