Piers Morgan Bets Rival Lord Alan Sugar £5K That He Can Lose More Weight Than Him In Lively ‘Good Morning Britain’ Exchange

'You looked like a beached whale.'

Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar’s love/hate relationship is well known to anyone who follows them on Twitter, and now the pair have taken it up a notch after setting each other a challenge.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, Lord Sugar was challenged to lose weight by host Piers, after the pair traded insults on the ITV show’s sofa.

Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan
Lord Alan Sugar and Piers Morgan

Piers put up a wager of £5K after inviting ‘The Apprentice’ star to lose more weight than him by the BBC show’s final in December, with all proceeds going to Great Ormond Street hospital.

After asking the business mogul if he was “chunking up a bit”, Piers set the bet.

“I have put on about 18lbs,” Sir Alan confessed. “Over the summer I over indulged a little bit.”

He added: “Pot Kettle. Never you mind about me son. I saw you on social media, I saw you prancing around in the sun, you looked like a beached whale.”

The feuding pair then initiated an impromptu weigh-in, after ‘GMB’ host Susanna Reid enquired: “What’s all going on with this mutual fat shaming?”


Alan then said: “Have you got a set of scales? I’ll weigh in, and I’ll come back when the final is on in December and we’ll see who’s lost the weight because I know [Piers’ wife] Celia would like you to lose some weight.”

Piers then upped the stakes: “Let’s make it more interesting, I’ll bet you five grand I’ll lose more weight than you to Great Ormond Street.”

And the result of the weigh-in? Sir Alan was shocked to learn he is 14 stone 3, while Piers is 16 stone 6.

Piers then declared: “May the best chubbster win.”

‘The Apprentice’ continues tonight at 9pm on BBC 1.

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