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'The Bodyguard' Turns 25: 8 Things You Never Knew About Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner Hit Film

Whitney Houston's finest hour.

It’s been a stunning 25 years since ‘The Bodyguard’ turned up in our cinemas, proved Whitney Houston was just as charismatic on screen as she was on stage, continued Kevin Costner’s impressive run at the box office and spawned a soundtrack, famous for many things, including that one glass-shattering note. 

But while the film has proved an enduring classic, with its simple tale of a bodyguard assigned to protect a beautiful young superstar from a would-be assassin, there are still some behind-the-scenes tales that aren’t so well known.

For example... 

Whitney’s stunning debut

Whitney Houston was so nervous about taking such a big role in her debut film feature, it took her a whole two years to agree to taking part in the film. Kevin Costner had to persuade her.

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Dolly’s song was Plan B

The main theme song, Whitney’s cover of Dolly Parton’s song ‘I Will Always Love You’ wasn’t meant to be in the film. Producers had intended to use Jimmy Ruffin’s ‘What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted’, but they changed their minds at the last minute, and it was Kevin Costner who loved Dolly’s song and brought it producers’ attention. The soundtrack went on to become the best-selling of all time.


Although ‘I Will Always Love You’ went on to become Whitney’s biggest ever hit, it was two other songs from the film that went on to be Oscar-nominated, ‘Run to You’ and ‘I Have Nothing’. Neither won that year, both pipped by ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. 

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Not the first

The film had originally been proposed as far back as 1976, with Steve McQueen and Diana ross in the lead roles, but the project stalled.

Or the second...

It was proposed again in 1979, with Ryan O’Neal proposed for the role of the bodyguard, and Diana Ross once again mooted for the role of the targeted star.

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Kevin Costner revealed that he based the physicality of his role of Frank Farmer on his memories of Steve McQueen.


The huge mansion used in the film, described as belonging to Rachel Marron, was also featured in the film ‘The Godfather’. It was used for the memorable ‘horse’s head in the bed’ scene.

 The sequel

After the success of the film, which took an astonishing $400million at the box office, Kevin Costner was able to persuade Princess Diana to be the subject of a sequel. After she agreed, he even had a script drafted, which was completed just the day before she died in 1997.

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