21/03/2017 11:40 GMT | Updated 21/03/2017 14:20 GMT

‘The Chase’ Viewers Outraged At ‘Daylight Robbery’ Of Teammate’s Prize Fund


Viewers of ‘The Chase’ were left raging during Monday’s (20 March) show, accusing three contestants of “daylight robbery”.

Things got off to a positive start when teammate Darragh bagged an impressive £9,000 for the prize fund.

But instead of contributing further funds to the team pot, the three remaining contestants took the easy option - much to the fury of viewers watching at home.

Next up was Michael who opted for a low offer of £300, and then insult was added to injury when teammate Carole took the offer of -£1000, followed by Georgia opting for -£2000.

Their actions did NOT go down well with viewers, who got very creative on Twitter and attempted to get the hashtag #justicefordarragh trending…

But Darragh remained a good sport about it all, even defending his teammates amid the backlash...

After the show, he tweeted: “Ease off my teammates. It’s a lot easier on the couch.”

He then added: “Thanks for all the support but I would appreciate it if people eased off my teammates. Its (sic) hard in front of the cameras.”

What a legend.

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