The Critters You Should Be Looking For In Your Carpets This Spring


The days are getting longer, the sky is looking a little more blue and heavy winter jackets are redundant for another six months. It can only mean one thing: Spring is almost here!

After months of storms and snow, it feels like this season is well overdue and watching the world come back to life is probably the breath of fresh air that we all need right now.

According to laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov at Laundryheap, as the weather warms up, two types of pests become more common: moths and carpet beetles.

Both of these can ruin clothes by putting holes in the fabric and unfortunately, once they’re in the home, they can be really tricky to get rid of.


How to spot and get rid of carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are the tiny black bugs you see around dusty areas or on fabric items around the home. They’re really quite small and are mistaken for fluff or dirt but they can leave a real mark.

The females lay larvae that feed off fibres in the home, particularly natural fibres like wool, mohair, fur, and feathers. They can gain access through windows, air vents or even cracks in the walls.

To avoid attracting carpet beetles or moths, ensure that you store clothing in cupboards and drawers instead of leaving them out on display (or piled up!). Ensure that you regularly vacuum and dust your home to eliminate larvae and if you do think you have a carpet beetle problem, sprinkle boric acid on affected surfaces and leave for 10-15 minutes before vacuuming it back up.

Dimitrov recommends that steaming clothes is the most effective way to get rid of moths and larvae: “Take the time to thoroughly steam each garment and repeat this again one week later to remove and stragglers.”

He added that once steamed, repelling critters isn’t too difficult. Use mothballs and sachets and if you need extra protection, moths hate cedar oil, so applying it directly to clothes in your wardrobe will further repel the pests.

Happy... Spring?