26/05/2017 15:25 BST

'The Crystal Maze': Channel 4 Teases New Pictures Of Richard Ayoade Ahead Of New Series

'It's nearly time.'

Channel 4 has teased first-look photos of Richard Ayoade at the helm of ‘The Crystal Maze’.

Back in January, it was confirmed that a brand new series of the cult game show was in the works, following the success of a one-off celebrity special, in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

The channel has now revealed new snaps of Richard as maze-master, showing him looking rather stern while posing in front of the crystal dome, which features at the end of each episode.

Once each batch of contestants has taken on challenges in each of the four zones (believed to be Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval, as they were in the show’s original run), they’re taken to the crystal dome, where they try to pick out gold tokens in a bid to snag the grand prize.

Channel 4 has also shared a close-up image of Richard, alongside one of the show’s catchphrases, referencing the crystal dome.

The first four series of ‘The Crystal Maze’ were fronted by ‘Rocky Horror’ creator Richard O’Brien, who stepped down in 1993, when he was replaced by Ed Tudor-Poole.

Ed’s tenure lasted two more series, before the show disappeared for more than 20 years, until it was revived at the end of last year.

The one-off celebrity special, which came after an immersive ‘Crystal Maze’ experience opened in London, saw Stephen Merchant take on presenting duties, though its future looked uncertain when he revealed that he was unable to commit to hosting a full series.

However, Richard Ayoade then stepped in to save the day, having previously been at the centre of rumours he’d be taking over the new series of ‘Great British Bake Off’.

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