The Easiest Houseplants To Grow For A Flourishing Indoor Garden

You don’t need to be outdoors to have a garden!
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Even the most outdoorsy of us are getting a little tired of UK weather. HOW are you meant to plan for anything when you just can’t rely on the weather?! This is especially true for gardeners. You’d think that all this rain would be great for plants but, actually, too much rain can leach nutrients in soil, triggering nutrient deficiency and hindering plant growth. Ideal!

Thankfully the green-fingered plant geeks at Millets have the answer for anybody that still has the gardening itch: indoor gardening!

Suzi Holt, gardening expert and author said: “Indoor plants also offer a wonderful variety of colours, shapes and scents as outdoor plants and they add beauty to our surroundings.

“Unlike fresh bouquets, flowering houseplants can thrive for months or even years, providing long-lasting beauty and enjoyment.”

Year-round beauty without having to battle the elements? Count us in!

The best plants for growing indoors


Succulents are relatively easy plants to grow indoors once you get started. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, they like bright light so are best placed on a sunny windowsill year-round and pot them in drain-free, gritty compost. When you buy a succulent, look at the specific care instructions and follow them.


Cacti are very similar to succulents in that they’re easy to grow, low-maintenance and tend to enjoy full sun. You can buy a mature cacti and watch it grow in your home or you can plant your own – though this isn’t recommended for beginners! Over time, cacti can even produce eye-catching flowers for that extra bit of sparkle!

Peace Lily

With bold, expressive leaves and elegant flowers, peace lilies make a perfect centrepiece in your home. Keep them fed fortnightly with liquid house plant food, water often enough to keep the compost moist but not wet and keep them out of direct sunlight. From there, enjoy watching them bloom!


Amaryllis is a little more complex but the payoff is having stunning flowers right in your home. These flowers have a tendency to rot which means you must make sure that proper drainage is in place. Keep them in a bright room but not directly in sunlight and water them twice a week. They’re fussy but worth it!


When you picture a houseplant, you likely picture this. Huge, bold, expressive leaves and can keep on growing for years – the Monstera plant becomes a member of the family with its huge presence. The plant doesn’t need to be watered too often but it does frequently require misting so taking the time to spray the leaves every day or so or even buying a humidifier to keep the leaves moist would be incredibly beneficial.

Make sure your plants are pet-safe

Whatever you decide to grow at home, if you have pets, do a quick check online to see if your plant is safe for your furry friends as some can be poisonous!

Happy planting!