The Grim Sign Your Washing Machine REALLY Needs To Be Cleaned

It's easy to forget to clean the washing machine but when it's bad, it's really bad.

No judgement here but when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine? I’ll be honest and say that I think it might have been a good few months for me.

According to Good Housekeeping, we should be thoroughly cleaning our washing machines every three to six months and considering that they are the second dirtiest appliance in the home, that’s not really a big ask.

However, if you have noticed a rotten egg smell coming from your washing machine, now is the time to really get in there and do some scrubbing. According to Fred’s Appliance Academy, this nasty smell is likely the result of a build up of grime, mould, mildew or old soap in the machine.


How to thoroughly clean your washing machine

Fortunately, many modern washing machines have a self-clean function that only requires you to empty your machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it.

However, if you still have to follow the old-fashioned route, cleaning influencer Ann Russell offered some simple advice on her TikTok account.

She said: “Put a mug full of ordinary bleach [in the machine], run it on a hot cycle, and when it’s finished, leave it open. Never close your washing machine up while you’re not using it, always leave the door open.”

Russell also advised leaving the washing machine drawer open just a little, if you can.

If this doesn’t quite get rid of the smell, Russell advises checking the piping behind the machine for any ‘kinks’ in the pipes that could be straightened out, as they may be contributing to build-up.

Finally, run a thin cleaning brush down the overflow pipe, followed by boiling water.