How To Save Water And Protect The Environment (Even Though The Heatwave Is Over)

You can get a bunch of freebies from your water provider to help🚿

The heatwave is over, the skies are grey (for the most part), and saving water is probably the furthest thing from your mind as the end of summer looms ever closer. But environmental charity Hubbub is urging people to be mindful about their water use year-round.

According to its research, 44% of people took action to save water during the heatwave but the vast majority now expect to go back to using water as normal.

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Here’s how you can save water for free.

The charity urges more customers to take advantage of free water-saving devices from their water suppliers. These include ‘save a flush’ toilet devices –which reduce the amount of water flushed away and could save 5,000 litres of water and £13 per year per household, according to the charity – and tap aerators – which save water by mixing water with air and could knock £36 off an annual water bill. Another handy device is a four minute water timer, which is designed to cut the time you spend in the shower and could shave £15 off an annual metered water bill.

Hubbub says half of the people surveyed weren’t aware of the free devices.

“Lots of us are great at remembering to save water while it’s scorching hot, but these gadgets help do the job all year round,“ Trewin Restorick, CEO of Hubbub, said. “At a time when our weather is increasingly extreme and unpredictable it will really help take the pressure off water supplies if more people fit these, and for anyone on a water meter it can also help reduce your water and energy bills.”

If you don’t want to fit a device but want to do your bit, there are other handy hacks you can do to save water. These include not running the tap when brushing teeth, waiting until you have a full load before sticking the clothes wash in and avoiding running the tap continuously when washing up.