The Inside Of This Mum And Daughter's 4ft Igloo Is Impressive

The 'Bieldside Beehive' comes with a working fireplace, a ceiling light, and even a tablet built into the wall.
PA Media
PA Media

A woman and her daughter have made the most of the weather by building an igloo in their garden.

Nicola Black, 29, and her five-year-old daughter Sienna spent around 15 hours building a 4ft tall igloo in their back garden in Aberdeen.

The Bieldside Beehive, as it was christened, features a fireplace, a tablet and even a ceiling light.

Black said this was her second attempt at building an igloo with Sienna, made possible by the blanket of snow swept in with Storm Darcy.

“I made my daughter an igloo a few years ago, which was great but considerably smaller due to a lack of snow,” she said. “This year it wasn’t an issue with the several inches of snowfall in our garden so I decided to go bigger and better, which resulted in what we call the Bieldside Beehive.

“It took around 15 hours for Sienna and myself to make, as it is approximately 4ft tall by 7ft wide.”

The igloo has a working fireplace (Nicola Black/PA)
The igloo has a working fireplace (Nicola Black/PA)

“I ended up spending my evening building it until 10pm whilst she was in bed so that she could get the most out of it the following day,” the mum added.

While the build was exhausting, Black said it was “completely worth it”, taking inspiration for the build from her and her daughter’s love of bees.

“Inspiration for the bee theme came from my general like and interest of bees, which my daughter is equally enthusiastic about,” Black said.

“We added the finishing touches such as my daughter’s tablet holder, the cushions and lit the fire to give it a homely feel.”

It took the pair 15 hours to build (Nicola Black/PA)
It took the pair 15 hours to build (Nicola Black/PA)

“The fire itself didn’t give much heat due to its external design, however this was purposely done to prevent smoke circulating in the igloo itself,” she added.

“Later, once it got dark, we toasted marshmallows on the fire and spent time watching for shooting stars, a special moment for us to remember.

“I’m really pleased to have spent quality time together during this snowy lockdown, magical memories have been made.”