The Items You Should Never Ever Use In A Hotel Room

BRB off to throw up.
Edwin Tan via Getty Images

There is one bonus to hotel stays that many of us can’t resist: the free toiletries. Especially in fancier hotels that stock brands that you could never justify regularly using at home. A little bougie shower gel, as a treat.

However, according to one anonymous hotel manager on TikTok, these toiletries that we like to indulge in are actually the one thing that we should be avoiding during our hotel stays. Because of course, nothing is ever as good as it seems.

The hotel manager, known as TravelingHotelManager on TikTok says that when we’re staying in a hotel, we should never use the shampoo, conditioner, or body wash provided by the hotel because they’re not secure.

You never know what’s inside of the bottles

Admittedly, this doesn’t apply to all hotels. If your toiletries come in sealed bottles, you should be fine but for the hotels that use refillable containers, the hotel manager warns that these bottles can be filled by previous guests with any number of unknown liquids, including hair colouring and bleach. Actual nightmare.

She adds that when she’s in hotels, she always brings her own but if you don’t want to do that, the hotel manager recommends that you call down to the front desk and ask for a fresh set or even mini versions but urges once more that when it comes to large, refillable bottles, “don’t ever, ever use these. Trust me”.

One commenter said that they have a fear of hair remover being in the bottle and in truly head-spinning news, the hotel manager confirms that this has happened. Scream.

Another commenter said that she always fears using them in case somebody peed in them to which a DIFFERENT hotel manager said “don’t use the ice bucket then”. Screaming, crying, throwing up.

Basically, next time you’re indulging in a hotel stay, just bring your own goodies. It’s fair simpler that way, it seems.