The Joy Of Drunken Loo Chats: Why The Women's Toilets Are The Best Place To Be On A Night Out

Always making new best friends.

Public toilets aren’t usually our favourite place to hang out. But on a night out, women’s loos turn from somewhere you want to get out of as soon as possible, into a haven of pep talks, compliments and sisterhood.

Anyone who has used the women’s loos after dark (and after a couple of drinks) will know about the friendships formed – and then forgotten – over a two-minute wait in a toilet queue.

One woman, Lindsey Mecklenburg, decided to capture this moment on camera when she witnessed some women giving her friend a pep talk about her weight.

The strangers told her pal she could wear “whatever she wanted” – and Mecklenburg shared the video on Twitter.

“Waiting in lines in women’s bathrooms at bars is literally like this and I am so here for it,” she wrote. Her video has now been viewed nearly 10 million times since it was posted on Twitter on Saturday.

Other women from around the world were so moved by the video, they shared their own positive experiences from women’s loos on nights out.

These stories will give you all the feels.

One person even shared the story of some girls who befriended an older woman on a night out after she complimented their outfits.

And many said the bonds they formed were so strong, they exchanged numbers and vowed to stay in contact.

Anyone who has made these types of friendships knows they’re the purest kind going.

Ain’t that the truth.