'The Jump': Tina Hobley Admits 'Shock' At Show's Return, After Sustaining Serious Injuries Last Series

She was involved in a very nasty accident on the slopes.

Tina Hobley has hit out at ‘The Jump’, claiming she’s surprised to hear the Channel 4 winter sports show is returning next year.

The former ‘Holby City’ actress was left with serious injuries to her knee, shoulder and arm after taking part in this year’s series, which she was forced to pull out of early on in the run.

Tina Hobley
Tina Hobley
Ian West/PA Wire

Having previously considered legal action against ‘The Jump’ over her accident, Tina has now said she is shocked it’s coming back for another run.

“’The Jump’ is behind me and I will never do that show again,” she told PA.

“I’m still in shock that it’s going again but, of course, they will have learnt from all their mishaps and hopefully there won’t be any more accidents.”

Tina has been left with serious injuries following her stint on 'The Jump'
Tina has been left with serious injuries following her stint on 'The Jump'
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Tina, who was unable to drive and even bathe herself following her accident, went on to add: “I’m very, very upset about not skiing for half-term with my children as I have been going for the last 30 years and I am desperate to ski again.

“It has been a really tough year, I’m not going to deny that, but we’re out the other side and I am hoping I won’t be left with any long-term problems.”

Tina was just one of seven stars who was forced to pull out of last year’s ‘The Jump’ due to injury.

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle had to undergo neck surgery after a serious accident on the slopes left her with two fractured vertebrae.

Beth fractured two vertebrae on this year's series
Beth fractured two vertebrae on this year's series
Channel 4

Back in June, she revealed she was seeing a psychologist to help her get over the incident, telling ‘The One Show’: “It’s hard to talk about about. I’m using a psychologist.

“I didn’t panic at the time. It was when I flew back to the UK. I realised the journey I’d have to go on - the recovery phase, rehab, surgeons, physics. People couldn’t realise how serious it was. I couldn’t even deal with it.”


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