‘The Jump’: Former Star Tom Parker Claims Contestants Should Expect Injuries

'You’re chucking yourself down a 30ft jump. You know what you’re signing yourself up for.'

While some former ‘The Jump’ contestants have nothing but bad things to say about the programme, Tom Parker has (sort of) defended it, claiming celebrities know exactly what they’re signing up for.

Last year’s series saw Tom arrive as a late addition to the 2016 series, replacing Tina Hobley, who was one of the seven celebrities left injured.

But while Tina has spoken negatively about the fact ‘The Jump’ is returning, Tom has taken a different approach, arguing that the stars taking part know exactly what they’re agreeing to.

Tom Parker
Tom Parker
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Addressing the serious injuries Beth Tweddle suffered, he tells the Daily Star: “I understand after seeing Beth, when you see something like that it makes you more aware of the risks and dangers.

Perhaps surprisingly, Channel 4 have found a new batch of celebs willing to give the show a go, and stars including Bradley Wiggins, Lydia Bright and Spencer Matthews are all currently busy training for the show.

Sadly, Eddie The Eagle won’t be providing commentary, as he has in previous years, as the broadcaster has made an “editorial decision” to stop working with him.

Channel 4 defended the move when it was claimed Eddie landed himself in hot water by criticising the show’s safety standards, telling the Huffington Post UK: “Eddie has never been involved in any aspect of the training programme for ‘The Jump’ as this is the responsibility of qualified instructors who teach the celebrities to ski jump according to modern accepted standards.”

‘The Jump’ is set to return for its fourth series next month on Channel 4.

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