19/05/2016 09:16 BST | Updated 19/05/2016 09:16 BST

This LEGO Houses Of Parliament Set Will Push You To Your Limits

It only has 4163 pieces, good luck.

The Master Builders at LEGO have been hard at work producing one of their most incredible designs to date - the Houses of Parliament. 

The LEGO build consists of 4163 intricate pieces.

The completed LEGO set stands over 60cm high and is an incredible tribute to the engineering and architecture of the real Elizabeth Tower and the Houses of Parliament.

The set included rare elements such as ski poles, flowers and corner plates.

The LEGO build features a detailed façade with statues, shields and windows and a clock tower with four adjustable clock dials. The tower even houses the iconic bell, Big Ben itself and will be available in July.

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