houses of parliament

Like "Boris island" and the garden bridge proposal he supported, the prime minister's latest big idea looks to have fallen by the wayside.
Political campaign group Led By Donkeys projected “a message to the government’ onto the houses of parliament. The video directed to Britain’s prime minister Boris Johnson sees NHS staff highlighting a lack of protective equipment (PPE). The group originally formed to fight Brexit also restarted a billboard campaign to “create a record of heroes and anti-heroes” during the coronavirus crisis.
Lord Ken Maginnis, who was convicted of a road rage assault in 2013, allegedly shouted at security staff and called them 'crooked' after he forgot his pass to get in.
Palace of Westminster is partly sinking, contains asbestos and has outdated cabling.
Big Ben has gone silent for what will be the longest period in its 157-year history. The British are meant to be reluctant
 Disabled protesters blocked the MPs’ entrance to the Commons chamber to campaign against cuts to care services. The group