How To Look Fierce In A Leopard Print Skirt

It never really goes out of style 🐆

Leopard print comes with a reputation: depending on who you ask – and what fashion era they grew up in – it might be described as sexy, tacky or chic. It may evoke memories of Audrey Hepburn’s feminine headband or Kat Slater’s unforgettable get up.

But now, the leopard print skirt is having another moment and it’s becoming a key transitional piece in our summer wardrobes.

Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

For those working in smart/casual appropriate offices, leopard print midi skirts are currently being worn with blouses, making it an easy option when heading out for those after-work drinks.

These are also being made in the trendy wrap style this season i.e an easy cover up choice for the beach or picnic like this satin skirt (Little Mistress of London, £24) or this a-line version (New Look, £17.99).

Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

On the other hand, the mini version of this reviving trend, especially when worn with a co-ord, is the fresh millennial way to wear the print (She In, £13.99). In addition to playing with colours with the animal print itself (Trendeo, £12.60).

Clearly leopard print has brushed off the vulgar of the noughties and become a part of our casual wardrobe. It’s about time.


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