The Lion King New Cast Photos Are Actual Works of High Art

The photo of Beyoncé opposite Nala is something we'd genuinely hang on a wall.

There’s only a matter of weeks to go until The Lion King remake hits cinemas, and anticipation is currently at fever pitch.

However, if you’re among the small group of people that’s yet to get excited about the new film, we might have just the thing for you.

Disney has released the first cast shots of the new team of voice actors, depicted alongside their characters.

And obviously, this picture of Beyoncé opposite Nala is an absolute work of art.

Beyoncé voices Nala in The Lion King remake
Beyoncé voices Nala in The Lion King remake

Also pictured are Donald Glover, who plays Simba, Chiwetel Ejiofor opposite Scar, and Seth Rogan, Billy Eichner and John Oliver alongside Pumbaa, Timon and Zazu.

Not pictured, however, is James Earl Jones, who is reprising his role as Simba’s father Mufassa.

He provided the voice for the character in the original 1994 Disney classic, and is the only star to return for the new film.

As well as voicing Nala, Beyoncé has also been reworking the classic songs of the original film with their composer, Elton John.

She has also recorded a new track with Elton and original composer Tim Rice for the closing credits.

The film has been directed by Jon Favreau, who was also behind the recent Jungle Book remake.

The Lion King is the latest Disney classic to get a live action reboot, with recent hits including Cinderella, Beauty And The Beast and Aladdin.

The Lion King is slated for release on 19 July.

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