'The Missing': 8 Burning Questions We Need Answered In Episode 5 Of BBC Mystery Drama

Who was in the shed?

Tonight’s episode 5 of ‘The Missing’ promises to be a goodie, with so many dangled carrots after last week’s instalment of ARGUABLY the BBC’s most enthralling mystery drama this year (with a suitable doffed cap to ‘Trapped’, obviously).

We’ve reached exactly half-way (I know, exhausting, right?) of Series 2 and the first thing I need to say is... with all due respect to James Nesbitt’s performance in the first series, I think Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey are both more than matching him in conveying the angst of a missing child to the screen. While David Morrissey’s Sam is deep in grief for a child he believes lost forever, Keeley Hawes’ Gemma is dealing with something more intriguing, but nonetheless on a par in intensity.

A lot happened last week, leaving more than a few outstanding matters, namely...

Back in 2014, we need to talk about That DNA Test. Okay, a confirmed match that Alice Webster, the girl who burnt in the shed, was who she claimed to be... BUT… you heard the doctor, didn’t you? “We ran it against your husband”… so… are you thinking what I’m thinking?

What impact does the loss of Eve’s child have on her present-day actions?

Another big reminder that Eve was heavily pregnant in 2014… until Matthew Webster pushed her and tragedy ensued. Who was the father, and how did that disaster impact her decision-making in the present day? Something tells me the fate of that unborn child is integral to the outcome of this story.

Still in 2014, immediately after the fire, where did Matthew go when his mother was calling him from the hospital? He had no explanation and it would seem weird to include the conversation with his mother asking him, if it didn’t have… meaning.

Baptiste finally has an ally

Meanwhile, Alice Webster’s flowers were for Henry Reed, a man Julien Baptiste was to discover two years later to be involved in barbaric practices - with Mr Stone, naturally. As Mr Baptiste asked himself back then, why she did need to see him before she ‘took her own life’?

Ah, but she didn’t, did she? Because, cut to present day, and there she is, busy being served coffee in a beautiful Swiss town, seeing off an admirer and generally getting on with it. Which means…

Who WAS in the shed, with a DNA match to Sam Webster?

And what on earth is ‘Alice’ up to?

Oh, and who was the third girl on the roller coaster?

Okay, that’s enough to be going on with… any ideas most gratefully received.

‘The Missing’ continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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