Maks Levin was covering the war in a combat-heavy area near Kyiv when he disappeared over a week ago. He's the latest missing journalist in Ukraine.
The 22-year-old influencer went missing on a road trip with her boyfriend, who now refuses to speak with the police.
Max, a two-year-old German shepherd, was "crucial" to finding a missing mother and her young son in Wales, the police inspector said.
Malaysian authorities say the have found the body of 15-year-old Nora Anne Quoirin. Nora had been missing since 4 August, shortly after she arrived with her family in the resort of Dusun in Seremban, about 70 km south of Kuala Lumpur. Authorities say her body was found by a stream about 2.5 km from the resort.
A new law, the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Act, has come into force in England and Wales. The rule will enable the families of missing loved ones to gain control of the missing person’s finances, something which was previously only possible if the person was declared dead under the 2013 Presumption of Death Act. The law is named after missing chef Claudia Lawrence, who is yet to be found since her disappearance in 2009.
The activities instructor went missing on Sunday evening.
Police in Australia, New South Wales, are searching for two men reported missing at Shelly Beach. Personal items belonging to 20-year-old Hugo Palmer from the UK and 21-year old Erwan Ferrieux from France, were found late on Sunday night. Two searches via various methods have failed to find them so far.