'The Missing': 7 Burning Questions We Have After Episode 5 Of BBC Mystery Drama

Things just took a nasty turn.

‘The Missing’ Episode 5 drew to an unusually gruesome close, with the abrupt departure of that nice policeman Jorn Lenhart, via a power drill in the hands of that gentle Scottish military officer Adam Gettrick, aka murderer at the very least, and most probably child abductor into the bargain.

While Episode 5 answered a whole bunch of teasers that have been bugging us - namely the deal with Eve’s pregnancy back in 2014 - it threw up a whole new list of challenges, namely…

Now we know (possibly) who is behind the abductions, but who is the little girl who appeared at just the wrong time, and brought about Jorn’s demise? Possibly the child of the girl we used to know as ‘Alice’?

Eve Stone's pregnancy was at least explained
Eve Stone's pregnancy was at least explained

In which case, why did ‘Alice’ want to shame Brigadier Stone, and why did she leave flowers on the grave of Henry Reed?

If Adam is in Germany, what’s the van doing in Switzerland, and more to the point, what is ‘Alice’ doing there?

Meanwhile, who killed Henry Reed and why?

Over at the Websters, what happened “a few months ago” that Sam thought would endear him to his son, and how did Sam end up taking medical leave?

What does Gemma Webster know about the missing girl?
What does Gemma Webster know about the missing girl?

As those Iraq memories crowded in on an ailing Adrian Stone, who was the third person he was referring to? Adam Gerrick seems too young. Time for the butcher’s wife to re-enter the picture?

Finally, if it WASN’T ‘Alice’ in the shed, but it WAS the daughter of Sam Webster - does that mean it was Sophie, or Lena Garber? Either way, there’s one in Switzerland, there’s one in the shed, and there’s one still out there.

That should keep us busy for the next week or so... all ideas welcome to @FrostReporter.

‘The Missing’ continues on Wednesday evenings on BBC One at 9pm.



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