28/02/2018 13:38 GMT

The Moon Is Getting 4G While The UK Still Suffers From 'Blackspots'

The mission launches in 2019.


While you might struggle to find a 4G connection in some rural parts of the UK, there is one place in our solar system where you’ll soon be guaranteed strong signal: the Moon.

As part of a partnership with German space firm PTScientists, Vodafone have confirmed that they will be creating a state-of-the-art 4G network on the Moon.

The announcement is just one aspect of a larger mission that will see two privately funded rovers land on the former site of Apollo 17.

The two Audi Quattro lunar rovers will use the 4G network to communicate with the base station which in turn will then relay that information back to Earth.

Miquel Benitez via Getty Images

Each rover will be remotely controlled from Earth and will be able to beam HD images and video of the Apollo 17 site back to Earth.

Nokia will then help create the space-grade equipment that will create the network.

It will be the first privately-funded mission to the Moon and will be used as a testbed upon which further missions can then hopefully be carried out.

The plan is to launch the mission in 2019 although that’s yet to be officially confirmed.