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The New Wellness Trends You Need To Know About

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2017 has been the year of the turmeric latte, fitness festivals and yoga on YouTube. What can we expect from 2018?

From activated water and sound therapy to DNA health testing, wellness expert Rachael Welford gives us her top predictions for the coming year.

Purified water

If you’ve been watching Blue Planet II, you’ll be aware of how much plastic and other nasties are showing up in our water supply. Rachael sees water purification becoming a key trend for 2018.

“Whether this comes in the form of a natural charcoal filter, which cleanses your water with alkaline ions, or crystal-activated water, pure water will be something a lot of us are seeking.”

Digital health junkies will like CamelBak’s new All Clear UV Purifier water bottle, which cleans your water with the click of a button. Fancy.


Kombucha on tap

Fermented products have been all the rage this year, especially kombucha. Gallons line health food store shelves – and Rachael believes this craze will continue as gut awareness becomes more prevalent. In fact, she believes kombucha will feature alongside craft beer on tap in bars as the ‘sober-curious’ trend carries on.

“Having a fizzy fermented drink like kombucha on tap is many people’s dream. Not only does it taste awesome, but it’s actually good for you,” she says.



It’s hard to find silence in the modern life. Traffic, phones, household appliances… they all add to the cacophony we can’t escape. “City dwellers will seek more silence as we learn more about the impact of sounds on our immune and nervous systems,” notes Rachael.

“Silent retreats, digital detoxes and noise-cancelling headphones will become more popular as we all seek more peace and quiet.” The success of mindfulness and meditation event Just Breathe shows that this trend is set to rise.


Sound therapy

While silence is soothing, certain sounds can be therapeutic, too. “Gong baths and crystal singing bowl events will become increasingly popular in 2018,” says Rachael. Sound baths involve lying down with your eyes closed, while sound waves fill the room.

“Tuning fork therapy and sonic acupuncture will also vibrate their way into more lives as brain wave entrainment becomes the new way to relax.”


DNA health testing

DNA testing might make you think of a crime scene, but did you know it could be a way to improve our health? As these tests become more affordable, Rachael predicts we will see more people personalising their health plans based on genealogical predisposition to certain diseases.

“Being able to prevent genetic disease before it starts through lifestyle choices could be huge.” It might go even further than this. Biologist Bruce Lipton believes our perception of the world has the ability to change our genetic make-up.


Sleeping pods in the workplace

Big corporate companies are fast realising that it’s sensible to cultivate wellbeing in the workplace. From weekly yoga classes to free healthy breakfasts, happy employees are more resilient and less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

“City dwellers are beginning to pay more attention to their mental health and work/life balance,” says Rachael. She foresees more sleeping pods and meditation spaces in offices to support the burnt-out workforce.


Robot health coaches

The future is here. “As we move into 2018, artificial intelligence (AI) is going to shape the way we monitor and deliver our health goals,” predicts Rachael. “We will start to see personalised AI gym instructors teaching via headphones, alongside interactive meditation sessions using virtual reality headsets.”

Nutritional monitoring will move to a whole new level with gadgets like the One-X. It measures your antioxidant levels directly through the palm of your hand, helping you make healthier lifestyle choices.

One way to make some strong decisions right now? Make sure you’re fueling your active lifestyle with the protein that your muscles need to heal and repair. We’re into new Arla Protein milk – a skimmed milk that delivers 20g of protein per 450ml serving.

So stick that in your smoothie and drink it.