The One Scientific Reason You SHOULD Spend Time With Your Grandchildren

It's more than just a wholesome bond!
Portrait of a grandmother and granddaughter embraced in the kitchen at home
FG Trade Latin via Getty Images
Portrait of a grandmother and granddaughter embraced in the kitchen at home

We know that children spending time with their grandparents is good for their wellbeing — but did you know that grandparents also benefit massively from being present in their grandchildren’s lives?

In fact, according to research, spending time with the little ones not only helps you stay social, it can also help with your mental health and some medical issues.

186 grandmothers took part in a study conducted by The Women’s Healthy Ageing Project in Australia, and researchers found that those who looked after their grandkids one day a week had a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s and were more likely to offset dementia.

However, the research also found that looking after grandkids for more than five days a week could have a negative effect on cognition. So, while daily care could be burdensome, weekly visits had clear benefits.

An article looking into the impact of grandparenthood also found that grandchildren can make life “more fulfilling” and give grandparents a “new life purpose”. Because grandparents can find time with their grandkids so satisfying, the study noted that this can then potentially reduce mental health issues, improve cognitive abilities and physical strength – all of which can lead to a “better self-perceived quality of life”.

And if that wasn’t enough, a study conducted earlier this year found that grandparents who babysit their grandkids often can actually live longer.

It found that children born to older mothers were likely to have longer-living grandparents! Another survey which looked at 500 adults aged 70 and older, found grandparents who babysat often had a 37% lower mortality risk than those who did not.

So there you have it, those blessed with grandkids and grandparents shouldn’t underestimate just how lucky they are. It’s not just a wholesome bond, it’s actually great for their health!