The One Thing You Should Do When You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Some days are just harder than others.
JulPo via Getty Images

There are days, for all of us, where getting out of bed is just too much of an ask. It’s an emotional weight, it feels physically impossible and the errands of the day feel like they’ve been organised into one, single mountain.

On days like this, though it may feel impossible, we can still turn things around. We can still find a way to get through the day that doesn’t involve snuggling right back under the covers and pretending that the world doesn’t exist.

According to Dr Kojo Sarfo, a mental health expert, there’s actually one thing we can do to find the bandwidth to continue with our day.

In a TikTok video, the Hollywood doctor said that all we need to do is think of one thing we can do.

This can be anything – we’re talking as mundane as changing your top, brushing your teeth or nipping across the road for a coffee.

Once we’ve done that, the doctor urges us to go back to bed (yes, really!) and feel proud of ourselves for managing that one thing.

According to the pro, this could help you find more momentum for the things that are making you feel overwhelmed.

And looking at the TikTok video’s comments section, it’s clear that the trick has helped plenty of people.

One commenter said, “This trick really helps me. sometimes it’s only that one thing all day but my dog really helps with the rest.”

Another added, “You’ve just helped me get out of bed to brush my teeth sir. no idea how that worked but it did.”

Sometimes, it turns out, we just need to do something to feel safe to let ourselves feel our feelings.