The One Thing You Should Never Do After Your Child's Been Swimming

A swimming instructor has issued a stark warning.
Maryna Terletska via Getty Images

With the summer holidays on the horizon, we’re all thinking about going abroad and diving into the nearest swimming pool with our families.

However, before you dream about sunning yourself next to the pool with your little ones, were you aware that you might have been making a seriously big mistake once they’ve got out the water?

A swimming instructor has taken to TikTok to share the common yet dangerous mistake parents make when wrapping kids in a towel.

Yup, you shouldn’t be putting the towel over their shoulders.

Confused? Certified infant swim instructor Nikki Scarnati explained in her TikTok video why putting a towel over a child’s shoulders is so risky.

The simple act can put your kids at risk of drowning as if they accidentally fall back into the water, they’re unable to move their arms underwater if their upper body is wrapped into the towel.


Thats right! Make sure your towel is UNDER your littles arms. NOT on top. Follow along for more water safety content 🥰 #selfrescue #selfrescueswimming #selfrescueswim #watersafety #drowningpreventionawareness #drowningprevention #springhillisr

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“I’m gonna show you a proper way to put your towel around your child,” she said.

“And I see it happen so many times, and I myself, as a parent, did it without even realising that it was a thing.”

Naturally we all want to cover children up as they get out the pool, but as Scarnati warns: “If they were to fall in the pool this way, all of their limbs are gonna be restricted underneath a wet towel.

“So when you get them out of the pool, dry their arms off, lift your arms up, but put the towel underneath their arms. That’s right. Make sure your towel is under your little one’s arms. NOT on top.

“That way, if they end up in the water, they still have access to their limbs to self rescue, and they’re that much safer.”

The more you know, eh? The comments section of the video has been hit with comments from grateful parents who promise to follow the swim instructor’s advice.

Now, back to safely dreaming of that sun lounger...