In Other Absurd News Your Dog Can Now Post Pictures To Facebook

Solid wagging power.

Happy dogs could break the Internet soon thanks to a new device called 'The Posting Tail.'

If you're wondering how the "happy" factor is measured, think wagging power.

The kit is formed of a sensor, a camera, a raspberry processor and a WiFi dongle.

The Posting Tail

When a dog wags its tail, an accelerometer detects this movement and sends a signal to the camera, which takes a picture.

This image is then automatically uploaded onto the pet's social media (let the 'likes' commence).

Produced by, the kit can distinguish between "a regular tail wag from a happy one," thanks to the processor.

The wider aim is for the kit to act as a data generator allowing dog owners to understand what makes their pet most happy.

While cute dog moments are probably everything we want from our News Feed, 'The Posting Tails' also aims to give people a chance to understand their pets better.