Everything That Happens When You Die, In One Remarkably Cheerful Cartoon

Important facts to bear in mind.

Death is inevitable. But what actually happens to your body once you die?

A new video published by AsapSCIENCE, will happily inform you of all the remarkable changes that takes place.

Body depletes energy molecules
Body depletes energy molecules

Starting with the not-so-cheerful fact that around 100 people die every minute, it then breaks down all the different chemical and biological processes that ensue once you've breathed your last.

After the first few seconds of death, the brain stops functioning and neurons stop secreting hormones that regulate body functions.

As your body depletes its main energy source, found in a molecule known as ATP, the muscles relax meaning you physically let go. Yes, this means poo will flow out too.

After around 15-25 minutes, the lack of blood flow can result in your skin becoming very pale.

Blood also starts to pool in the lowest parts of the body, which leads to a red/purple discolouration.

These are the kinds of facts this delightful video gives you in the first minute.

Watch it till the end to find out biology's way of handling our ultimate demise.

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