The Season Finale Of 'Papa Penny Ahee' Was All For Mama Nomi; And People Love It

Thank you for 'Gold Bone' – see you in season 3.
Penny Penny and his wife, Susan Ngoveni a.k.a Mama Nomi.
Penny Penny and his wife, Susan Ngoveni a.k.a Mama Nomi.

The second season of South Africa's most watched reality show, "Papa Penny Ahee", came to an end on Wednesday night –– and as much as viewers were saddened by the ending, they were happy to see the Kobane family closing off the season in the most adorable way.

The show lifts the curtain and follows the day-to-day life of Tsonga disco king Penny Penny.

In the season finale, the 57-year-old spent time spoiling his wife, Susan Ngoveni, whom many have come to know as "Mama Nomi".

The episode started with Penny Penny surprising his wife with a car.

Back in season 1, he'd made a promise to buy Mama Nomi a car if she got her driver's licence -- well, she did, and he delivered on the promise.

Penny Penny also took Mama Nomi and Nomi (short for Nomination) on a helicopter ride to a spa day, a game drive and lunch afterwards.

During the lunch, he explained that although he'd previously refused to buy her a ring, claiming he was all the ring she needed, he'd changed his mind and would be buying her an engagement ring.

Although there's no news yet on the third season, Penny Penny previously told HuffPost that if the people wanted to see more of him (and Mzansi Magic agreed), he would oblige.

"If the people of Mzansi say they want more of Papa Penny, then that is what they will get," he said.


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