The Secret To Banishing Ants From Your Home Is Hiding In Your Cupboard

Getting rid of ants in the home and kitchen is no easy thing to do but this cupboard staple could be exactly what you need.

Is there anything that makes you roll your eyes harder than finding out that there are ants in your kitchen.... AGAIN?

It’s an annual treat for many of us and one that doesn’t seem serious enough to necessitate getting pest control out or using strong chemicals.

Still, though, they’ve got to go and if we can do it affordably, even better, right? Well, according to experts, combining two standard cupboard ingredients can get rid of the entrire ant colony in your home.

How to get rid of ants in the home

According to Bulwark Pest Control, if you are just looking to prevent the tiny critters coming into the home, sprinkling bicarbonate of soda around the doorways, window sills, and other entry points to keep them out of your home. To be extra prepared, you can also sprinkle some in dark food cupboards where ants are likely to seek shelter.

However, if they’ve already found their way in, you’ll need to do a little more work. Mix together equal parts bicarbonate of soda with icing sugar in a cup. Then, sprinkle this in any high-traffic areas where ants tend to be in your home. If any ant entrances are cracks in walls or floorboards, make sure that once the iinfestation is treated, the crack is filled.

The pest control experts added that outside of the home is important to tackle, too: “Scatter the mix outside on mounds and other areas where ants may build their nests, such as stepping stones, firewood piles, and around the base of trees.”

If you have pets that you’re concerned will ingest this combination, it’s recommended that you put it into smaller containers such as an empty can which will still attract the ants but your pets will stay unharmed.

Finally, Bulwark Pest Control added that even pouring boiling water down the openings can be beneficial in tackling ant problems.