Here's What You'll Never See On The Simpsons, According To A Former Writer

Thank goodness The Simpsons didn't diddly-do this.

“D’oh!” isn’t just Homer Simpson’s catchphrase. It’s also what TV writers likely say when they realise The Simpsons has already done basically every story there is. (South Park even did a whole episode on it.) But there are a few things you’ll never see on the show, according to Josh Weinstein, a former Simpsons writer.

Weinstein, who’s a frequent collaborator with Simpsons creator Matt Groening, recently shared an excerpt from an early Simpsons style guide, showing how tiny alterations could have made the show a bit disturbing.

The “No-No’s” for characters include cross-eyes, square teeth and big, pointed smiles.

So if you’re wondering how the Simpsons animation seems to avoid creeping you out, now you know.

Weinstein added that the show could have become “Bizarro Simpsons with any of these choices.”

A live look at Simpsons fans after seeing the drawings above:

For those who want more behind-the-scenes Simpsons facts, don’t have a cow, man – Weinstein also shared some preliminary episode titles from drafts of the scripts.

You can try to guess the episodes they belong to, if you ever get those bizarre Simpsons faces out of your mind...

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