The Trick To Making Incredible Garlic Bread At Home Is So Simple I'm In Awe

You'll never go back to store-bought.
Crusty loaf of sour dough garlic bread on a wooden board with a knife
Robbie Goodall via Getty Images
Crusty loaf of sour dough garlic bread on a wooden board with a knife

Garlic bread is the perfect side to pizza, pasta and soups or even, if we’re all honest with ourselves, ideal on its own.

Recently, though, I’ve been making my own. I have the time to do so but also, I’ve found that my homemade garlic butter is just better than those used in supermarkets.

Arrogant, I know, but I’m not wrong.

I do tend to just toast sliced bread at home and then I simply butter it with my own garlic butter and it’s done?! Just like that I have heavenly garlic bread that makes my breath stink and my heart soar.

Plus, because I always have all of the ingredients in the kitchen anyway, I can whip it up whenever I want.

Homemade garlic bread recipe

Listen, if you want to make your own bread for this, all power to you but I’m not about that life. I make this for a simpler life with enriched flavouring and baking a loaf of bread from scratch isn’t my idea of simple. For now.

Plus, the butter is where the magic is. All you need is the butter you already have at home, a crushed garlic clove and some parsley which can be fresh or dried, either way it’s going to be stunning, don’t worry.

I tend to use about 100g of softened butter, one clove of garlic and 2 teaspoons of parsley.

Then, the simple magic. Toast your bread, mix these ingredients together and once the bread is toasted to your preference, just butter it and that’s it!

The best part is you get to change the quantities to your own preference or even change up the herbs if you’re looking for a bit of culinary chaos.

The only downside is, you might not be able to stop yourself having it with every meal. Which really isn’t a downside.