Love Wordle? Try These Other Brainteasers While You Wait For The Next One

Who would've thought we'd be so into a word game?
FrankRamspott via Getty Images

If you haven’t heard of or played Wordle yet, then where have you been? (clearly not online).

The new word game, created by a devoted husband for his wife, comprises of a five-letter word which you have to guess. If you guess a letter correctly, it lights up green. If it’s a right letter, but the wrong placement, then it’s highlighted yellow. You only get six attempts. And that’s it. So simple, so genius.

But, you do have to wait until the next day to play again. And waiting all that time, to us quick gratification seekers, can feel like eternity.

So we’ve compiled a list of other games you can play that will give your brain a workout.

Judging by the name, you’ve probably guessed it. It’s the exact same premise as Wordle, but with swear words. And they are four-letter words.

This is a fun little workout for your brain from the New York Times, but not so stressful that you can’t figure it out.

Lingo, based on the ITV gameshow, is basically Wordle but unlimited and with different puzzle options. You can download it on your app store for free.

Similar to a crossword puzzle, with clues pointing to the words (you can choose regular or expert mode to crank up the difficulty mode). You’re scored by how many moves and how long it takes to complete it. You can only play it once a day, just as with Wordle.

The folks at NYT are really on it when it comes to word games. With this brainteaser, all you have to do is make as many words as possible, using the letter in the middle. You can repeat letters and words must be longer than four letters.