It can be hard to stay motivated at the best of times – but especially so in lockdown. Here, language experts share their tips for keeping on with it.
Clocks go back every year on the last Sunday of October. Here are HuffPost UK’s suggestions for what you can do with that extra hour this weekend.
You’re about to get an A-star in arts and crafts - no drawing required.
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Capture unforgettable family moments with these expert tips.
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Making yourself a sweater won't solve all your problems, but for Alanna Okun, there's solace in yarn.
Google has unveiled its brand-new Pixel smartphone, the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL at a special event in San Francisco. This
I was away with family in vibrant, frenetic Hong Kong and needed to relax. Inspired by some calligraphy works I'd seen at a local exhibition, I popped out to buy some liquid ink, a brush and paper.
Sounds like a really simple question to answer but in reality I was left a little stumped. I was asked this question over the weekend by a stranger. Well I guess a relative stranger, we had met a few hours ago whilst locked in a room trying to discover secrets and clues which would enable us to get out and win the game. Yes you'd be correct in guessing I was on a hen do.