Huge Flaw In Cadbury's White Chocolate Creme Egg Hunt As Shoppers Unwrap Foil Without Buying

Willy Wonka would not be pleased.

Greedy shoppers and staff have been accused of opening Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and leaving them on the shelves in hope of finding one of the limited white chocolate eggs.

Those lucky enough to find one will not only get bragging rights but up to £2,000 in a ‘Willy Wonka’-style egg hunt.

But there are only 350-400 of the rare specimen in circulation, making the chances of laying your hands on one pretty slim.

As a result, many have accused shop staff and fellow shoppers of tampering with the confectionery and have posted photo evidence to Twitter to prove it.

Not to go full Veruca Salt on the matter, but can we really blame them?

Firstly, the temptation to win is too great, but secondly, unwrappring with them is way too easy.

Unlike their confectionary counterparts, Creme Eggs are wrapped only in foil, making them vulnerable to being fiddled with by those with lesser morals.

It appears to be a massive oversight on Cadbury’s part. HuffPost UK has contacted the confectioner and will update the piece accordingly.